Thursday, January 18, 2018
Demolished Stadium

The Georgia Dome Demolished One Year Early

Atlanta, Georgia - Though scheduled to be demolished in 2017 to make way for parking lots for the New Atlanta Stadium, the Georgia Dome was...
One Direction

Verdict Reached in One Direction Trial

Los Angeles, California - A verdict has been reached in the trial of the United States vs. the pop band One Direction. One Direction have been...
Voting Ballot

Who Should You Vote For? The Burn Ward is Here to Help

If you believe in the following, you should vote for Clinton: Appreciation of women who wear pantsuits. The love for a woman who stays...

Son Disowns Father After Not Being Able to Grow a Beard

Seattle, Washington – Nick Prasinski, age 23, has disowned his father today after he came to the realization that he will never be able...

Woman Comes Out as Fake

Chicago, Illinois - Barb Telminster, age 48, has announced that she is a fake person. She says that she's been fake for as long...

Family Arrested for Chaining Mother in Basement During Football Sunday

Kansas City, Missouri – A father and his two sons have been arrested today after it was discovered that they chained their mother in their...
Crashed Car

Man Gets In Car Accident When Nickelback Song Comes On Radio

Buffalo, New York - A Buffalo man is in serious but stable condition tonight after crashing his car when a song by the band Nickelback came...
Jimmy Hoffa giving Dave Hester the finger

Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Found!

Long Beach, California – After 41 years of mystery, Jimmy Hoffa’s body has been found. The American labor union leader who was involved in...
Hillary and Donald Debate

Donald Trump’s Responses for First Presidential Debate Leaked

Washington, D.C. – Donald Trump’s responses for all of the upcoming scheduled presidential debates have been leaked to us at TheBurnWard by a reliable inside...





Man Beaten in 7-Eleven Parking Lot

Utica, New York -- A man was severely beaten in broad daylight on Thursday afternoon in a 7-Eleven parking lot in Utica, New York. Caught...


Family Celebrates Their Half Way Point To Not Talking Anymore

Reno, Nevada - Feeling happy that their youngest daughter just graduated 8th grade, parents Tom and Daisy Widdlestone decided to throw a party to...

New Study Shows Red Heads Have Highest Divorce Rate

Bristol, England - A new study has been published that shows that redheads married to non redheads have the highest divorce rate out of anyone in...



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