Sunday, September 24, 2017
Fox News

Fox News Sold to Syfy Network

New York, New York - Fox News Channel (FNC), also know as Fox News, is a basic cable and satellite news channel owned by the...
Vin Diesel and Bigfoot

Bigfoot is Real!

New York, New York - In a shocking reveal that came out of nowhere, Bigfoot has announced that he is real. A press conference was held...
Kids from the Netfilx Show, Stranger Things

Kids In “Stranger Things” Already Planning Their First Arrests

Los Angeles, California - Coming to the realization that they only have a few years of stardom left until their first arrests, the kids...

Son Disowns Father After Not Being Able to Grow a Beard

Seattle, Washington – Nick Prasinski, age 23, has disowned his father today after he came to the realization that he will never be able...

Woman Comes Out as Fake

Chicago, Illinois - Barb Telminster, age 48, has announced that she is a fake person. She says that she's been fake for as long...

Family Arrested for Chaining Mother in Basement During Football Sunday

Kansas City, Missouri – A father and his two sons have been arrested today after it was discovered that they chained their mother in their...
Male Monarch Butterfly Sexually Harassing a Female

Female Monarch Butterflies Sexually Harassed During Migration

Lawrence, Kansas - Researchers at the University of Kansas have found that as many as three-quarters of all female Monarch Butterflies are sexually harassed...
New York Giants New GM

New York Giants Make Shocking Move

East Rutherford, New Jersey – The New York Giants made a shocking move today, firing General Manager Jerry Reese and hiring local plumber Bill...
Ted Cruz Sacrificing Wife To Oden

Ted Cruz Sacrifices Wife to Norse God Odin

Houston, Texas – In a shocking and last ditch effort to try and win the upcoming presidential election, Ted Cruz sacrificed his wife Heidi...





Baby Makes Faces Behind Dad’s Back While He’s Driving

Huntsville, Alabama -- Justin Colton often sings to his children while he drives them to daycare. Unbeknownst to him, his youngest child, fourteen-month old Ashley Colton often...


NHL to Fold All Canadian Teams

New York, New York - Commissioner Gary Bettman today announced the decision; all seven Canadian NHL teams are to fold. Citing the fact that not one Canadian...

Feminist Are Mad Because Men Are Taller Than Them

Portland, Oregon - "Men being taller than the average woman is sexist!" Local feminist leader Brittany Tally told reporters Saturday "I refuse to serve under...



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