Seattle, Washington – Nick Prasinski, age 23, has disowned his father today after he came to the realization that he will never be able to grow a beard. Nick says that as he came out of his teenage years he thought his beard growth was a little delayed, but after he recently passed his 23rd birthday, it hit him that he will never be able to grow a beard.

Nick stated, “I have a really hard road ahead of me in life because I can’t grow a beard and it’s all my father’s fault. He can easily grow a beard. How dare he not pass that gene along to me. Beards are so in style right now and I can’t even keep up with the times and be cool. I can’t even get a girlfriend because of this.”

Apparently Nick had a very good and close relationship with his father before all of this, but this was something that he could not forgive. Nick says that he plans on never speaking to his father again.


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