Dallas, Texas – 38-year-old Bonnie Parker was arrested today after she attacked a psychic, 52-year-old Amy Lutz. Parker reportedly went to see Lutz hoping to find anything out about her recently deceased husband, Arnold. After telling Parker that she did indeed see her husband and that she could talk to him, The psychic Lutz went on to say that he was very happy and at peace floating around in heaven. This is when Parker became enraged, hopped the desk, and repeatedly struck Lutz in the face, causing multiple facial lacerations and an orbital fracture.

According to police, Parker told them that her late husband was very abusive and controlling towards her all throughout their marriage and she was hoping the psychic would tell her that he was rotting in hell. When she found out that the psychic was a fake who feeds on the emotions of vulnerable people, like all other psychics, Parker claims she couldn’t restrain herself as she attacked.

Bonnie Parker was released on bail and is awaiting trial. Please think twice before you waste your time and money on a psychic.


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