Washington, D.C. – Donald Trump has announced today that if elected President, he will build a wall to keep all hurricanes and tropical storms out of the United States. The wall will start off the coast of New York and will extend all the way down the coast to Florida and wrap itself around, extending into the Gulf of Mexico. The thousands of miles long wall will be installed roughly 50 miles off the coast and will be embedded into the bedrock of the deep ocean, while also being hundreds of feet tall.

Trump stated, “These hurricanes pour across our borders unabated every year. They take away jobs from hardworking Americans and cause nothing but crime and destruction. This must and will end. This wall will guarantee that never again will hurricanes enter this country illegally.”

When asked about the enormous costs of building such a wall, Trump stated that Americans need not worry because he will be making Atlantic Oceaners pay for the wall. We are still waiting to hear back from Trump’s camp on who that actually entails.


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