Seattle, Washington – Sitting with his parents on a Saturday night discussing his frustration with only receiving a 46” Television when he requested a 48”, Josh Smith reportedly spent three days complaining to his parents about his birthday gifts.

“I simply asked for a trip to Italy, an Xbox One, and a 48” Tv. Instead I got a trip to Italy, an Xbox One, and a 46” Tv! This is just ridiculous,” Smith told reporters, and now demanding his parents get him a 50” television so the average of the two televisions is 48”.

“I never get what I want, and I hate them for it!” Smith concluded, adding the fact that this is the first time in his thirteen years that his parents made a mistake in his gifts.

“We plan on getting Josh another television like he requested. He is just such a good boy, he almost got a C in a class so he deserves whatever we can get him!” said Mrs. Smith while asking reporters what kind of drink they prefer.


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