Shock Collar

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – In an effort to try and make their city clean, the city of Milwaukee has instituted a new law to try and keep the trash off the streets. The previous law fined someone $100 if they were caught littering but officials stated that this wasn’t a big enough threat to stop people from littering.

The new, much more extreme law, states that anyone caught littering will have to wear a shock collar for 24 hours.  Law Enforcement Officials will all be given a universal remote that works on all shock collars so they may shock the person wearing the collar at any time they please. Second offenders will have to wear the collar for a week while third time offenders will have to wear the collar for a month. Anyone caught littering more than three times will have to wear the collar for a length of time to be determined by a judge.

Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, simply stated “If people want to behave like animals by littering, then we will start to treat them like animals.” City officials believe that Milwaukee will become the cleanest city in the nation within a year. Only time will tell if other cities follow suit with this law.


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