Los Angeles, California – Coming to the realization that they only have a few years of stardom left until their first arrests, the kids of the Netflix Series Stranger Things told reporters Wednesday that they all just started to plan what their first arrests will be.

“On my sixteenth birthday I plan on releasing a picture of myself with a bong, and eventually get convicted of drug charges!” said the 12-year old actress who plays the young lady who goes by the name 11 on the show.

The actors who play Dustin and Will on the show, plan to commit, be charged and convicted of domestic abuse.

“I notice actors often get charged with either drugs or some sort of assault, well I plan on committing a murder to show I’m truly unique!” said the actor known as Lucas. He plans on making a come back if he ever gets out of prison after his murder conviction.

Reports are that the 22-year old actor known as Jonathan in the show, plans on committing his first crime later this week.


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