Richmond, Virginia – Ed Swarson is an avid NASCAR fan. His house is covered in memorabilia and you can always see him in one of his favorite NASCAR shirts. The problem, his friends say, is he only likes it for the crashes.

Every Sunday, Ed gets together with his friends to hang out and watch the race at one of their houses and his friends say he is just getting more and more annoying.

Says friend Bill Worthman, “We can’t even enjoy the races anymore. Ed just sits there hoping and praying for a crash and when their inevitably is one, he goes nuts. He screams and cheers no matter how severe or life threatening the crash may be. He doesn’t care who wins the race and he doesn’t even have a favorite driver. His favorite driver varies from week to week depending on who got in the worst crash that week. I just don’t understand why he can’t just sit back and enjoy the excitement of watching the cars drive in a circle for four hours.”

Ed’s friends are planning on having an intervention for him and if that doesn’t work, they said he just won’t be allowed over anymore on race day.



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