Politially Correct Couple and Baby

Minneapolis, Minnesota – First time parents George and Linda Smith have named their newborn son Politically Correct Smith or P.C. Smith for short.

George had the following to say, “My wife and I thought on a name for months and we came to the conclusion that any actual name we would have chosen would have been insensitive to someone in the world. By choosing this name for our son, we are guaranteeing that we will not offend anyone. We do not stand for any sort of offensive words or actions. We hate and judge anyone who doesn’t behave in the same way.”

Young P.C. Smith will be homeschooled as according to George, they are the only qualified, politically correct, and good Christian people he knows. Part of his homeschooling will be bible study and also teaching him all of the awful non politically correct things people say and do to prepare him for the outside world.



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