Donald Trump in Church

New York, New York – Waking up Sunday and deciding to further his appeal to the Conservative Tea Party, presidential candidate Donald Trump attended church for the first time.

Many church attendees were struck by the presence of Trump, and amazed when he first walked into the church yelling “Let’s pray!” Several church goers witnessed Trump’s entourage of several advisors and photographers enter the church late then loudly and clumsily sit down in the front-most pew.

“I honestly love everything about this, from beginning to end, it’s just phenomenal.” Trump told reporters after church concluded.

Trump reportedly was on his phone most of time updating his twitter otherwise he was getting his picture taken for the news and social media.

“I just wanted to show that yes I am a religious man, and this is me proving a point to everyone! Also, did you notice that there weren’t any Muslims in church today? Of course there aren’t because they don’t attend church! When I’m elected president, I’ll pass a law requiring Muslims to go to church.”

Trump was also seen taking a selfie with the cross of Jesus behind him.


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