Back into spot

Utica, New York — A man was severely beaten in broad daylight on Thursday afternoon in a 7-Eleven parking lot in Utica, New York.

Caught on video, the seemingly healthy young man is seen backing his car into the parking spot of the clearly empty parking lot. Two 7-Eleven employees are seen exiting the store, charging at the victim, and attacking the man as soon as he exits his vehicle.

The simple beating took a dark turn as one employee is seen pulling down the pants of the man as the other employee takes a box cutter and castrates him.  The man was rushed to the hospital where he is expected to make a full, albeit damaged recovery.

Says Utica Police Sergeant Jacque Buttonwad, “The guy was being a dick.  He backed into the parking spot and the employees just did what any normal human being would do. Why full grown men feel the need to back into a parking spot is beyond me. It’s easier to pull straight in then back out. When you back in, you just hold everyone else up”

Charges are not expected to be brought up against the 7-Eleven employees at this time.



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