Crabby Grandma

Syracuse, New York – 73-year-old widow and grandmother Mary Robinson has been disowned by her sons family after constantly complaining about the weather.

Mary’s son Mark stated, “It’s a sad day but it’s been a long time coming. Every time I talked to her on the phone, all she did was complain about the weather the entire time. In winter she’d complain about snow and how freezing it is out, in spring and fall she’d complain about the rain and how cool it is out, and in the summer she’d complain about how hot and humid it is. I’ve never actually heard her say anything nice about the weather. I mean you can dislike cold or hot weather but you can’t have it both ways.”

Mark went on to say that every time him, his wife, and three kids would come over to visit, his mother did nothing but complain about the weather the whole time to all of them. He said his kids would dread going to visit grandma to the point of crying the day of the visit right before they left. Mark really believes his mother would only be happy if it was a perfect and steady room temperature of 70 degrees outside.

When asked about losing her son Mark and his family from her life, Mary stated, “Isn’t this hot and humid weather lately just awful. I really can’t stand it.”



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