Austin, Texas – Chugging a glass of wine, and feeling exhausted after work. Bailey Miller admits she is still confused on how she hasn’t last weight despite her telling everyone that she’s on a diet.

“I’ve heard a lot from friends that say they’re on a diet, and wouldn’t you know the next time I see them they lost a lot of weight. How come when I tell people I’m on a diet, I either stay the same weight or gain more,” said Miller while eating a box of donuts and watching television.

“Maybe I should start telling people who are more important like celebrities, and maybe then it’ll start to work. Who knows how this losing weight thing works anyways.”

Despite the efforts from friends telling Miller that exercise, and healthy eating are what they do to lose weight, Miller still thinks telling people she’s on a diet is a way to it works.

Miller added that with her method, she’ll still able to eat cake and ice cream.



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