Ill Student Being Treated

Durham, New Hampshire – The University of New Hampshire is known to be a politically correct college campus where they recently published a bias-free language guide where they proclaim words like American, homosexual, illegal alien, and poor to be problematic words.

A group of twelve politically correct students were meeting together in the school library when an unknown white male walked by them and called them all stupid. Chaos ensued as the students all passed out immediately. Emergency personnel rushed them all to the hospital where eight of them remain in critical condition, with the other four are all on life support as they have slipped into a coma. A group of non politically correct students that were sitting at a nearby table overheard the perpetrator call them all stupid as well, but they survived the ordeal completely unscathed.

Police say the suspect is a white male, around six feet tall, with average build and short brown hair. He was seen wearing black basketball shorts with a blue t-shirt and is also said to exhibit common sense with a real world attitude. If you have any information or see anyone fitting this description, please call the Durham Police Department immediately.



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