Justin Trudeau

Ottawa, Quebec – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that a purge day will take place annually on July 1st, Canada Day, starting in 2017.  On this day, from 6pm until 6am the following day, all crime no matter how heinous or severe will be legal.

Prime Minister Trudeau says that if people know they are allowed to do any crime they want for twelve hours a year, then he thinks they will wait for that day, and not do anything the rest of the year.  This will lead to the ultimate goal of a dramatically reduced crime rate in the country he believes.

Prime Minister Trudeau stated “It worked in the movie, ehh.”  When asked if he will be joining in the purging that night, Prime Minister Trudeau laughed and said, “Oh you better believe I’ll be out having all sorts of dirty fun and doing things I can ever do any other day.”  All we can say is stay out of Canada every July.


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