Madison, Wisconsin – At first glance, 76 year old Ethel Clarkson may seem like a kindly old grandmother who lives alone, which she is. The problem, neighbors claim, is her dark side. It all started with her flower garden in her front yard. Neighbors claim she is obsessed with the safety of her flower garden, to the point of insanity.

The problem is with rabbits eating her flowers. Her neighbors say it started mildly with her running outside screaming and chasing the rabbits away with a broom but that it gradually increased with her tirades occurring more often and being more and more profanity laced. Neighbor Jennifer Hewitt stated that she took it way too far recently by putting the severed heads of several rabbits, she presumably caught, on pikes around her flower garden to apparently deter other rabbits from trespassing.

Jennifer stated, “She’s taken it way too far now. I can’t even let my kids play outside now with the sadistic bloodbath that’s in full view right next door. It is very disgusting and disturbing.”

When tried to be reached for comment, Miss Clarkson chased us off of her lawn with a broom.


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