Funny Dog

Denver, Colorado – Unable to remember the last time he got a walk in his seven year existence, Denver area dog Starship confirmed Monday he was sick of being promised he’ll get a walk from his owner Sandy Chestnut, then realizing by the end of the day that he never got his walk.

During a conversation between Sandy, and her friends, all in their 40s, it reportedly became a realization that Sandy always forgets to walk her dog due to the fact she gets tired very quickly or gets interested in something on TV.

“Yeah, it’s been about 7 years since I’ve been with Sandy and it sucks because she always forgets to walk me. She’ll come home around 5pm and will promise me a walk, but she’ll either fall asleep, or she’ll start watching Wheel Of Fortune” said Starship, who acknowledged his owner is out of shape and gets tired very quickly.

“I plan on trying to get a new owner. Some friends of mine said I just need to run away and I’ll get picked up easily.” said Starship, concluding that he might try to go across the country with his friends Donut, and Daisy.



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