Voting Ballot

Hillary Clinton

If you believe in the following, you should vote for Clinton:

  • Appreciation of women who wear pantsuits.
  • The love for a woman who stays with a man who cheats.
  • The general satisfaction of voting for someone solely because they’re a woman.
  • Benghazi was everyone else’s fault.
  • Your strong hatred for Trump creates the only reason why Clinton is a better candidate.
  • It doesn’t bother you if a candidate flip-flops on major issues.
  • You want a leader who is a puppet for Wall Street.
  • Borderline attraction to someone who looks like your grandmother’s creepy friend.
  • You believe that Bill Clinton was a good president so Hillary will be too.
  • Her carelessness with top secret emails isn’t an issue for you.
  • The fact that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments doesn’t bother you.

Donald Trump

If you believe in the following, you should vote for Trump:

  • General hatred for minorities, women, and other religions outside of your own christian beliefs.
  • The love of a leader who isn’t a leader and has no plan on what to do.
  • You support the idea of building a wall across the Mexican border even though it will cost billions.
  • You love hearing a potential U.S. president scream insults instead of going over his actual plan on what to do.
  • The absolute love of the slogan “Make America Great Again”.
  • You’re tolerant of cheap toupees on old billionaire white males.
  • Thinking that any protest group is “racist” against white people.
  • Hatred of Obama for no real reason other than the fact that he’s black with a muslim sounding name.
  • Defending the 2nd amendment until death even though you don’t know what it actually says or means.
  • Anti anything that doesn’t empower rich white males more.
  • You’re a Christian but don’t mind that Trump has been married three times and cheated on at least two of his wives.

Now don’t forget to get out and VOTE!


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