New Jersey to Become Prison State

Washington, D.C. – Due to the continuing overpopulation of the U.S. prison system, the United States announced today that starting in 2021 the state of New Jersey will become a prison state. Work will begin immediately on a giant Game of Thrones style wall that will surround New Jersey entirely and be completely finished by 2021.

Once finished, anyone sentenced to prison time will be sent to the newly enclosed prison state of New Jersey. In addition, all U.S. prisons will be closed down with all prisoners transferred to New Jersey. The logistics of moving all the current residents of the state out in five years are still being worked on.

When asked during the press conference about this drastic move, President Obama stated, “New Jersey is a scummy state anyway so who cares. It’s filthy dirty and the people who live there are miserable pricks so I feel like I’m doing them a favor.”

Officials believe the prison system will be much easier and cheaper to run when consolidated down to one area.



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