Jimmy Hoffa giving Dave Hester the finger
Jimmy Hoffa giving Dave Hester the finger

Long Beach, California – After 41 years of mystery, Jimmy Hoffa’s body has been found. The American labor union leader who was involved in organized crime vanished without a trace in 1975. He was declared legally dead in 1982 with most people believing that the mob had something to do with his disappearance though no one knew for sure.

While filming a new episode of the popular reality television show, Storage Wars, buyers came across Hoffa’s stuffed and mounted body in a rather cluttered storage locker. The show, which airs on A&E, follows professional buyers who bid on storage lockers whose rent has not been paid for three months. The buyers bid on only what they can see for a brief five minutes before the auction begins.

As could be expected, bidding went very high on Hoffa’s body with Dave Hester ultimately winning the bid at $175,000. No one seems to know who owned the contents of the storage locker or how the body got there, though investigators believe a professional taxidermist was involved as his body was in pretty good shape. There were also rumblings yet again of A&E staging and planting Hoffa’s body in the locker for a ratings spike. Though his body is found, the mystery continues.



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