Speedy Gonzalez the Two-toed Sloth
Speedy Gonzalez the Two-toed Sloth

St. Louis, Missouri – A three-year old boy is safe after falling into the two-toed sloth exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo today. Three-year old Timmy McCullogh was complaining to his mother that he couldn’t see the two sloths so his mother, Angie McCullogh, stood him up on the railing to get a better view when he slipped off the railing and fell into the exhibit.

People rushed to find help and police arrived and surrounded the exhibit in minutes. Timmy was sitting on the ground of the exhibit crying but seemed to be ok physically as police were deciding what to do. Suddenly one of the sloths, who can reportedly move at speeds up to thirteen feet per minute, lifted up his head from the hammock he was laying in as police were seen scrambling around the enclosure. Police sergeant Sam Sweinart stated that they were worried the two sloths, named Speedy Gonzalez and Bob, would rush down and attack young Timmy. Police then pumped the sloths full of tranquilizers and rushed in and rescued Timmy.

Timmy was reunited with his mother after being medically cleared. The moral of the story is never put your children on the railing of any animal exhibit, especially dangerous animals.



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