Child making face at dad while he drives.
funny face by mil8 (2007) attribution (

Huntsville, Alabama — Justin Colton often sings to his children while he drives them to daycare. Unbeknownst to him, his youngest child, fourteen-month old Ashley Colton often makes faces behind his back while he drives.

“I like to sing happy upbeat songs to my kids while I’m driving them to daycare. My oldest two often laugh.” said Colton. “I thought they were laughing at my cleaver songs but as it turns out, my youngest, Ashley, has been making faces at me behind my back and they’re actually laughing at her.”

“I really thought they liked the songs.” Colton said he’s made arrangements for his wife to take the kids to daycare until he recovers from the shock, pain and hurt of not being the all-star to his children he thought he was.


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