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Dallas, Texas — Expressing his hatred for Hillary Clinton on social media, Dallas resident Ted Sams, 50, confirmed Tuesday that he posted articles from the site in order to prove his point.

“I posted an article from the site that explained that Hillary Clinton was a bully in high school which proves that people should vote Trump. If people were smart, and just looked up facts from these websites like I do, then the world would be a better place” said Sams, adding that he strictly watches Fox News and gathers facts exclusively from conservative websites in order to have a non-biased and real argument against Democrats.

“One website recently wrote that Trump gave two million orphans a job at his hotel which is honestly just so nice and incredible of him. All Hillary’s ever done is go on speaking tours making incredible amounts of money.”

According to reports, Sams plans on creating his own website that will strictly be opinion based, allowing him to manufacture facts for the great people of the United States.



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