Babe Ruth Eating Hot Dog

Woodbridge, Virginia – Bob Rosenthiak, a career minor league baseball player for the Single-A Potomac Nationals — affiliate of the Washington Nationals, has switched to what he is calling the Babe Ruth diet during game days. At the age of 32, Bob has been in the minor leagues his entire professional career, only getting called up as high as Double A. States Bob, “My lifelong dream has been to play Major League Baseball and I’m beginning to realize that time is starting to run out on making my dream a reality which is why I’ve decided to make this switch.”

Since the All Star break last week Bob has been drinking a 6-pack of beer and eating anywhere between 4-6 hot dogs during the game. As he put it, “It worked for Babe Ruth so I think it will work for me.”

Bob says he projects himself hitting between 30-35 home runs in the second half of the season though since the All Star break, and coincidentally the start of his new diet, he has been mired in a 1 for 26 slump with 19 strikeouts.


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