Kevin James as Jabba the Hutt

San Diego, California – Some shocking news came out of Comic-Con San Diego today during the Star Wars panel as Kevin James was announced as being cast as Jabba the Hutt in the still untitled Han Solo origin story to be released in 2018. The crowd at the panel seemed to have a lukewarm reception when it was announced.

A 600 pound James was then wheeled out to the stage to talk a little bit about the role and take some questions from the crowd. James couldn’t reveal much but stated that they will not be using any CGI to bring his character to life. He said he has a personal chef with him around the clock serving him melted half gallons of chocolate ice cream to drink at all times so that he can hit his target weight of 1000 pounds by the start of filming in early 2017. After that James said it’s just a matter of a little makeup to get him to look the part.


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