Trump at RNC

Space — Traveling Approximately 2.5 million light-years from their home in the Andromeda Galaxy, alien travelers decided to avoid earth after receiving a signal on their ship from the Republican convention in Cleveland.

“After we translated what the convention speakers were saying, we decided that Earth is fucked and we’d rather go to mars and explore the tholeiitic basalt surface there,” said head traveler Axbar Yonu, one of 16 travelers from the Andromeda Galactic Travel Institution.

“When it became clear just how uneducated those at the GOP convention were, we felt as if our presence would only make things more complicated. Sure we could have interacted with completely different life forms, but you don’t interact with something as screwed up as they are. They don’t listen — they only want to push their beliefs on others”

Sources confirmed that the travelers plan on listing Earth as a no-go zone until the year 2500.


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