Attributed to Cima da Conegliano [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico – Heaven-Shaking, and feeling dismal with how Earth is turning out, God expressed his firm hatred on the current state of Earth. “I just don’t get it. An intelligent group of species decides to run the planet, and now they’re dividing each other up and hating each other. The worst part is they’re destroying the planet as well, and half of them think that I can just fix it,” said God, adding the fact that he has no influence on Earth other than being able to control what airs on Netflix.

“The most intelligent humans keep trying to stop the hatred between each other, but it just keeps getting worse. In addition to that, they think that polluting is totally fine, and that everything will be okay when in reality all of them are just glued to their cell phones waiting for their own demise!”

God concluded his statement by saying he wished he created Earth as a total water planet and that Dolphins were the dominant life form. “Dolphins are cute.” He said.


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