Tweeting Lady

Chicago, Illinois – Thinking her nineteen tweets a day entertain and inform her followers on twitter, local woman Sidney Lopa, 22, told reporters Monday she’s now fully aware that no one actually cares about what anyone tweets about.

“For about three weeks straight I didn’t get any retweets or favorites so I thought I had to tweet more. I finally realized that twitter is a social media website that is about people tweeting and reading tweets that no one cares about or are influenced by,” said Lopa, whose daily objective used to consist of informing her 63 followers who to vote for, and what was socially appropriate and inappropriate.

“This was really difficult for me to comprehend that no one’s opinion can be changed from just a tweet, and that no one actually cares about anyone else’s opinion.”

Sociologists are marking this woman as one of the first humans to be self aware of their own selfishness and insignificance.


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