Hawaiian Shirt Dad
Hawaiian Shirt Dad

Denver, Colorado – Disappointed in life after working a long hard day at the office, local dad, Walter Stevens stumbled upon a buy one, get one, 50% off, Hawaiian shirt sale at the mall.

“I can’t believe they’re selling these so cheap! I’ve been trying to find some new shirts for a long time that the wife will hate,” said Stevens, explaining his last purchase was a “World’s Best Husband” T-Shirt that he purchased for himself after learning his wife was having company over without telling him.

“The kids don’t really look at me as a dad when I wear these kind of funny shirts. They think of me more as a friend, and hopefully the wife will start to enjoy the clothing I wear otherwise I’ll just have to take it up a notch and get higher white socks.”

Steven added that he recently heard that Sears was having a huge sale on barbecue equipment.


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