Mark Zuckerberg Laughing at a Facebook Profile
Mark Zuckerberg Laughing at a Facebook Profile

Kauai, Hawaii – Facebook’s principal owner and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, stalks your Facebook. And he admits it.

He doesn’t have HBO, Netflix, or even a TV in his multi-million-dollar home in Hawaii. What does he do with his time when he’s not working? He answered us in a very calm tone, “Most of the time I go into the private servers and look at people’s profiles, and just laugh.” The ginger admitted.

When asked if he was joking he replied, “Nope, my wife and I usually sit on the computer for an hour or so and go through people’s pages and laugh at their idiocy.” Perhaps noticing the shock on our faces he then invited us to a midnight showing of his “favorite Facebook idiots” as he calls them, in his private home theater. “It’s addicting. And hilarious. You just get lost in the moment. it’s the best reality TV show, but it’s real. It’s there.”

“I’m thinking of making a movie about some of the stuff that goes on here. Most people think we send this info to the FBI or some other government agency but in reality, I’m just laughing at all of you and raking in money from them!”

When asked what he does while he’s actually at work, Mark simply shrugged his shoulders and said: “Pretty much the same thing.”


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