Man With Chicken Wing Hat
David Mann Living a Lie

Buffalo, New York – To look at 26 year old David Mann you would think he’s a perfectly healthy male from Buffalo, New York but once you begin to talk to him, you realize that something is off, particularly when you talk about Buffalo Wings.

Everyone knows that in Buffalo, the locals don’t call them Buffalo Wings like the rest of the world does. Created in Buffalo and enjoyed by Buffalonians years before they became a world wide hit, the locals were content to simply call them wings. If you come to Buffalo and order Buffalo Wings the waitress would think you’re from another city, maybe even another country. That’s when Mann’s friends knew something was odd about David.

“One night we went out after bowling and Dave ordered wings except he didn’t say wings, he asked for Buffalo Wings. We all had a good laugh,” says Mark Milner, Mann’s best friend since fourth grade.

He went on, “Well, we started to notice that whenever he ordered them, he would eat one then give the rest away saying he was full. We became aware of what was wrong and had an intervention. That’s when it all came out. Dave doesn’t like wings!”

During the intervention Mann broke down and admitted that he doesn’t like Buffalo Wings, or chicken wings or wings for that matter. Mild, medium, hot, barbecue or honey and garlic — Mann hates them all. After a lot of yelling, tears and then hugs, David Mann agreed to get professional help. He’s currently in a treatment program at Erie County Medical Center where it’s hoped he makes a full recovery.

A Buffalo man likes his wings. It’s just the way it is here. If David fails in his rehab, his friends think he’ll be moving to Pittsburgh because he was seen eating Slaw and Fries on more than one occasion.



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