Sanducci Feeding on Freshly Killed Elk
Sanducci Feeding on Freshly Killed Elk

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – There have been numerous incidents this year in the U.S. National Parks where people have ignored laws, rules and warnings so they could get closer to the wild animals than the viewing areas allow but this might be the worst case yet. Christina Marie Sanducci of Brooklyn, New York decided to hunt with, and join a pack of wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

Park rangers say that Sanducci has been running with a wolf pack for at least four days, taking part in pack hunts, feeding off the kills and in one report, actually mating with the dominant male of the pack.

Park visitor Jason Parker of Tampa Bay, Florida took a picture of Sanducci feeding on a freshly killed elk, “It was really disgusting. The wolves and that lady chased down an elk that appeared to be maim. They all dove in, including the woman, ripping that poor elk to shreds with their teeth. Blood and fur was flying everywhere. If any of the wolves got near to the part of the elk she was feeding from, she showed her bloody teeth, growled and snarled until that wolf backed off”

Rangers say that Sanducci faces a several charges when captured. A state police helicopter and sharp shooter have been called in to tranquilize Sanducci before she eats another elk.


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