Medieval Chinese Flying Guillotine
Medieval Chinese Flying Guillotine

Little Rock, Arkansas – A Little Rock Arkansas man was beheaded last night at Soon Fatt Chinese Buffet. Bob Inglewood,  age 47, was suddenly and viciously attacked and beheaded with a flying guillotine while he was in the buffet line by the owner of the restaurant, Tao Kim. Witnesses at the restaurant say that the attack was brutal and came without warning. Mr. Inglewood was eating alone and was known to be a very frequent diner at the buffet. It appears Mr. Inglewood was killed for eating too many crab legs as multiple witnesses stated that he was killed while he was going up for his seventh plate.

Police arrived on the scene within minutes and as they were putting Mr. Kim in hand cuffs, he was heard yelling out, “He eat all my crab. I no make money.”

Police state that they have never seen such a medieval weapon before and they are not sure how Mr. Kim came to possess it.

Mr. Kim is being charged with first degree murder and is being held on no bail at the county jail.


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