Pokemon Go

San Francisco, California – Since its release Pokemon Go has become a critical and financial success for the game’s creator, Niantic, Inc.

The game allows players to capture, train, battle and trade virtual Pokemon.

Since its release, 67 people have died or have been seriously injured from the iOS and Android game. Gameplay consists of a participant walking thought their immediate environment while staring at their screen looking for Pokemon.

Several incidents include people that have drowned looking for legendary Pokemon in large bodies of water. Other reports have shown that several people accidentally stumbled upon an active construction site which eventually led to their demise. The more popular death has been participants in the game walking blindly into ongoing traffic in search for the dreaded Snorlax. The last of the incidents include participants becoming so involved in the game that they’ll become envious of one other and physically harm each other.

Niantic plans on releasing an update that includes an ankle bracelet that must be worn by participants for the game to work. The ankle bracelet will give off a buzz whenever the participant is in danger, such as walking off the end of a pier or off a curb into traffic.


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