Rich Woman

Atlanta, Georgia – Saying that she’s beginning to lose her white privilege, local woman Susan Burch told reporters that she was sick of all of the Black Lives Matter talk.

“It seems every time I go on Facebook I hear about some officer that was supposedly abusing some black man. This is just ridiculous, if I can live with great wealth because of my daddy’s help than why can’t these people in the projects do the same?” said Susan Burch, 52, who added that she can do whatever she wants everyday while her wealth grows and is still utterly confused on why a poor African American who lives in the projects doesn’t have the same opportunities as her rich caucasian self. “I feel as if we white people are the modern minorities because we can’t even say something racist as a joke without people getting all offended. It shouldn’t be Black Lives Matter, It should be All Lives Matter!”

Burch later said that she plans on protesting Black Lives Matter if they ever decided to protest in the suburbs because the city is too dangerous.


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