Moody Teen

San Diego, California – This past week, Dylan Miller, a young man from San Diego, was signed to Sony Records after talent scouts for the label spotted the boy playing Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3 in a Best Buy showroom.

Through the Fire and Flames by Dragon Force is a Guitar Hero song that has been recognized as one of the most difficult songs to master. The boy was spotted in Best Buy playing it in one try without any mistakes. Because of this, the record executives immediately signed him to a record deal.

After he signed, a few of the record executives were surprised to learn that Dylan can’t, in fact, play any instrument but that didn’t seem to bother them. Ryan Anderson from Sony Records had this to say, “Look at music today, who really has talent? Nobody I tell ya! It’s all flash without substance because that’s what sells. This kid is all flash — more flash then Gaga, Bieber and Minaj put together. I’m telling ya, this kid is gonna be huge!”

Dylan’s first CD, I’m Not Gonna Make My Bed, is set for a late fall release.


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