Bill and Mindy Ward with Buster

Azusa, California – Bill and Mindy Ward of Azusa have decided that the drug sniffing school their dog Buster is currently enrolled, The San Gabriel Dog School of Drug and Bomb Sniffing isn’t meeting his needs.

Bill says, “Our Miniature Pinscher doesn’t seem to be enthused about learning and we’re concerned that he’s being bullied by the larger dogs in the school so Mindy and I made the decision to pull him out and homeschool him.”

A spokesperson for The San Gabriel Dog School of Drug and Bomb Sniffing, Clarence Adams states that he cannot speak publicly about any specific dog in the program but he did say that the school is certified and held in high regard by several policing agencies including the Azusa Police Force, “The Azusa Police love our graduates and employ many of them immediately after graduation.”

Hopefully homeschooling will afford Buster the individualized care that Bill and Mindy says he needs.



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