Donald Trump Press Conference

Washington, D.C. – Donald Trump, in a stunning move, has named Fidel Castro his Vice Presidential running mate. At a press conference today, Trump stated “By naming the President of Mexico my Vice Presidential running mate, this once and for all proves that I am not a racist and that I embrace all cultures.”  When told repeatedly by reporters that Fidel Castro is from Cuba, Trump responded with “Yeah that’s part of Mexico.”

Trump was challenged by reporter Ninel Paulina Téjera from the México News Network who said, “You know Mr. Trump, Fidel Castro is indeed from Cuba, not México and he currently is retired from politics. His brother Raúl is currently Cuba’s president and Enrique Peña Nieto is the president of México.” Trump responded with “Don’t believe everything you read sweetheart. Hey, where is your husband? You Married?”

Fidel Castro, known to be in failing health and retired from the politics of Cuba for quite some time, was not present at the press conference and couldn’t be reached for comment. His brother Raúl Castro, the current President of Cuba, was shown on Cuban Television watching the news conference from his office at the Palacio de la Revolución in Havana, pointing at the television and laughing.


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