Kim Jong-un Korean BBQ

Phoenix Arizona – In a totally unexpected move, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, often referred to as The Hermit Kingdom, held a press conference last night in downtown Phoenix announcing that he is opening a chain of Korean barbecue restaurants across the American southwest.

Calling them, Porky’s Korean Barbecue, the North Korean dictator says that they’ll offer large portions, at a reasonable price, that are seasoned to the palate of the American imperialist swine.

“Nowhere in your dirty capitalist country will you be able to enjoy authentic Korean barbecue like that which is found at Porky’s Korean Barbecue. Our barbecue is built upon the sweat, tears and suffering of an entire nation that contrasts nicely in our opulent American restaurants.” Jong-un said while munching on a pork rib.

Jong-un mentioned that he has plans in the works to open a chain of Porky’s Korean Dry Cleaners and Porky’s Quicky-Marts although no time table was announced.


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