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Lincoln Nebraska – In what scientists are calling a landmark, never-before-seen development, a Lincoln Nebraska man has changed his mind about who he’s voting for because of various Facebook memes and posts he’s been finding on his feed.

36 year old Clifton Abel of Lincoln says that he was going to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming U.S. presidential election but over the past several weeks in his Facebook feed, he’s been seeing numerous anti-Clinton memes and posts from his friends on Facebook. “Well, I was all set to vote for Hillary but I kept seeing these picture memes of Hillary where its saying she’s a liar and how Benghazi was her fault. Also, a couple friends have been posting these Donald Trump pictures that say how smart he is and what a good businessperson he is. So, I figured, what the hay, these are facts on a meme, I should wakeup and smell the coffee. That’s why I changed my mind and I’m voting for Trump.”

Scientists have said that if Abel does in fact cast his vote for Trump on election day, it will be the first documented time in history where a Facebook post, posts, meme or memes actually changed a person’s mind.

Florence Worthington, Professor Emeritus at Columbia University said, “Most people post a meme to disport, or brag about who their candidate is knowing full well that those who oppose said candidate will voraciously attack him or her while promoting their own. Never, until now, has the meme actually made someone change their mind about who they’re voting for. This is truly a first.”



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