Taco Customer

Durham, North Carolina – Donald Trump’s current polling numbers show that he has a very strong following in the state of North Carolina. Trump himself often says that he is what’s needed to make America great again while most on the political left feel that Trump supporters are racist and ignorant toward minorities.

Trump supporter, Larry Staples wants to prove that Trump supporters are not racist so he met with in front of a Taco Bell in Durham, North Carolina to tell us that he eats at his favorite restaurant every Tuesday and Friday night proving that his love for Americanized Mexican fast food shows that he’s not racist. “A lot of people think that we Trump supporters hate Mexicans when in reality I love Taco Bell, and love the whole Mexican thing in general.” said Staples before walking in the restaurant to order two Cheesy Double Beef Burritos along with a few Chalupa Supremes. Staples explained he likes to order an extra Chalupa for his lunch the following day.


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