One Direction

Los Angeles, California – A verdict has been reached in the trial of the United States vs. the pop band One DirectionOne Direction have been found guilty on all charges. These charges include failure to write their own original music, failure to actually know how to play instruments and six counts of copyright infringement involving the theft of other artists’ songs.

A long list of witnesses were called to the stand by the prosecution to testify as to which songs One Direction stole from them. The artists who testified included members of the Who and New Found Glory, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, members of the Clash, Kelly Clarkson, and members of Queen.

One Direction song in question was played for the jury followed by the original song.  Prosecutors also played live video from a One Direction concert that clearly shows the members of One Direction playing instruments that are not plugged in. The defense lawyers made a huge mistake when they called on members of the band, in open court, to play their instrument and they could not. The jurors were shocked when Harry Styles, the leader of One Direction just held his guitar backwards and repeatedly yelled, “I’m Harry from One Direction!”

The jury only took 45 minutes to deliberate before a verdict was reached. Sentencing will take place Monday morning. They face a maximum sentence performing on a tour with Taylor Swift.

Prosecutors say that they will now turn their focus on bringing similar charges against the band Coldplay.


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