The Godfather

Hollywood, California – Paramount Pictures has announced that a remake of The Godfather will go into production this summer in time for a Christmas 2017 release. Thought by many to be untouchable in the wave of movie remakes studios have announced in recent years, the classic that many believe to be the greatest movie ever made will in fact be remade.

Michael Bay will direct from a script by the Wachowski brothers. The role of Vito Corleone, previously played by Marlon Brando in an iconic and academy award winning role, will be played ironically by Robert DeNiro. Many people will recall that DeNiro played a young Vito Corleone in flashback sequences in The Godfather Part 2. The role of Michael Corleone, previously played by Al Pacino, will be played by Dwayne The Rock Johnson while the studio also confirmed that Robert Duvall will return in a cameo role.

More casting choices will be announced in the coming weeks but what remains to be seen is how Paramount thinks they can exceed or even come remotely close to the size, scope, and influence of the original.


  1. This HAS to be a joke. A script written by the Wachowski brothers directed by Michael Bay? Someone SERIOUSLY thinks this will make a good Godfather remake?!

  2. Wtf?? The rock?? R u kidding me? He’s a decent actor but he is NOT fit to be in a godfather movie …omfg I was so excited to hear about this until I read the rock was in it, now I don’t even care about it n I’ll only stream it …FUCK PARAMOUNT!!


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