Bristol, England – A new study has been published that shows that redheads married to non redheads have the highest divorce rate out of anyone in the World.

Approximately 80% of these couples divorce according to the study and it doesn’t matter whether the man or the woman is the redhead in the relationship.

Psychologist Peter Newberry states that in most cases, things are completely fine between the majority of the redhead and non redhead couples until the decision on wanting to have children comes up. Dr. Newberry states that this is when the non redhead person in the relationship realizes that if they were to have children with their significant other, there is a good chance they would turn out to be what is often referred to as Ginger Monsters.

It is at this point in the relationship when 80% of these non redheads choose divorce in their marriage over the risk of ginger children. Dr. Newberry cautions redheads to only marry other redheads for the best chance of avoiding divorce.

Dr. Newberry’s study also shows that redheads have no souls.


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