French Indian War

Lewiston, New York – Every fourth of July weekend at Fort Niagara State Park in Lewiston, New York is celebrated with a reenactment of the French and Indian War.

Tourists find the reenactment entertaining and peaceful. However this past weekend was not the case. Tensions grew when the actors started to take their roles a bit too seriously scaring tourists away stating that they would corrupt and give away their secret war plans.

The actors on the French side would go along the trails of Fort Niagara State Park and kidnap tourists demanding a reward for their freedom. Police in the area wouldn’t get involved stating that it’s a harmless reenactment.

Usually on the final day of the reenactment, they would reenact the Battle of La Belle Famille. However this year, the reenactors decided to band together to take Fort Niagara by force saying that their previous lives gave them no joy and they feel more alive in character.

It is rumored that they have plans of invading nearby towns as well.


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