Demolished Stadium

Atlanta, Georgia – Though scheduled to be demolished in 2017 to make way for parking lots for the New Atlanta Stadium, the Georgia Dome was demolished a year early on Sunday evening by a U.S. sanctioned air strike during a Justin Bieber concert.

U.S. officials are calling this an unequivocal success that “killed two birds with one stone” by completing the already planned demolition of the Georgia Dome and also taking out Justin Bieber and a full stadium of his supporters.

People around the nation are rejoicing in what is already being coined VB Day (Victory over Bieber Day). Parades are being planned in all the major cities for Monday and most major firms throughout the country are giving their employees the day off so that they may take part in the festivities.

With Bieber eliminated, U.S. officials say that they have now turned their attention toward the capture of Kanye West. They believe he has fled into the Tora Bora mountain and cave complex along the Pakistani border with Afghanistan. Officials are telling us that this will not stop them from what they believe is the inevitable demise of Kanye West.


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