Ford Goliath Truck

Detroit, Michigan – Ford revealed a brand new entry in their truck lineup on Thursday calling it their biggest and best design yet. Calling it Goliath, the truck has many features for the type of men that actually buy these vehicles. First off the truck comes standard with what Ford is calling the compensation package. CEO Mark Fields stated, “We really went to work this year to try and create a newly designed truck that really caters to men out there who are trying to compensate for what they’re lacking. We are fully aware that our number one customer are short, chunky, obnoxious, micro-penis men who don’t actually need a truck for anything, so for them, we made our biggest truck yet.”

A few of the features that come standard in the new compensation package are a booster chair on the driver’s seat, an extra loud exhaust system, a Caution! I Break For Hooters bumper sticker, even more added bed space, an extra-loud horn and camouflage window tint.

Realistic male scrotum to hang from the trailer hitch are extra.

The starting MSRP is at $45,800.  See your local Ford dealer today!


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