By Clem Rutter, Rochester Kent - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Los Angeles, California – This past week, members of Obese People United (OPU) have been protesting the unfair ways of eating at buffets. They state that at buffets, the way people have to get up, get their own food and feed themselves discriminates against obese people.

OPU spokesperson Tammy Watters explained, “Getting up to get your own food can cause heart attacks for us, and the motion of eating can also make us have heart and lung problems.”

Because of the awareness raised by the OPU, buffets are introducing self feeders — conveyor belts that just have endless lines of food so obese customers can just dip their head down and eat away as the conveyor belt advances.

The self feeders are going to be introduced at all buffets in the greater Los Angeles area soon with other municipalities following thereafter. Members of the OPU say that self feeders are the start to equality among obese and healthy people.


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