U.S. Mexico Border

Mexico City, Mexico – In a shocking move, Mexico has raised their minimum wage country wide to 280 pesos per hour which equates to just over fifteen U.S. dollars an hour.

Minimum wage workers across the United States are flocking to Mexico to seek what they are calling a better life for them and their family. When asked about this, Terry Miller, age 23 of Birmingham, Alabama had the following to say; “It’s impossible to support my five kids on only eight dollars an hour so we are just up and leaving to live a better life in Mexico City. An added bonus is that we all love Chipotle.”

Due to the large amounts of minimum wage workers flooding south, Mexico has been forced to lock down their border with the United States and they’re talking about building a wall because American families, despite the locked-down border, are finding illegal ways to cross.

Officials are predicting a significant reduction in crime throughout the United States, a higher nationwide IQ, and the number of orders done wrong at fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s massively reduced.


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